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Just South of Ojo

shapeimage_1Tim Viereck has been doing a blog for years but he doesn’t have the bandwidth to do his stuff justice. He just sends some of us an email. I’ll ask him if he minds if I post his stuff here.

I’ve been hoping to see one of these rascals for years – it looks in the bird-book like they’d be here, but all we’ve had until today was red-wing blackbirds. I was happy to hear them this morning, and see them perching around the water hole in the pasture, but then walking back from the river, there was this guy – a yellow-headed blackbird. I can’t say I never saw one before, because once at least 15 years ago I was driving through the outskirts of Phoenix with Pam and she said “Look, a flock of yellow-headed blackbirds!”, and I saw the flock, but now maybe they’re moving into the ‘hood! Global warming has to have an up-side, right? – Tim


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